How Long Could $1 million Last if You Retired Tomorrow?

A million dollars isn’t what it used to be. —Howard Hughes How true is that when it comes to your retirement nest egg? A cool $1 million is a still big chunk of change. But is it enough to cover today’s retirement expenses? Just how many years could your dream...

Want Better Financial Habits? Do This Once a Year

Remember when Marie Kondo took the world by storm with her tidying up routine? Maybe not, but let’s roll with it. Her idea is that we can improve our lives by removing clutter and items that no longer “spark joy.” We can apply similar principles to our financial...

Finding Hope: Remarkable Lessons from 2020

You can never know everything, and part of what you know is always wrong. Perhaps even the most important part. A portion of wisdom lies in knowing that. A portion of courage lies in going on anyway. — Author Robert Jordan Do you worry about how fact and fiction get...

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