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BEST PRACTICES when considering a sale



If you’re like most owners, the majority of your wealth is tied up in your company. Increasing the value of your largest asset so it thrives can have a much faster impact on your overall financial picture than a bump in the stock market or the value of your home. Here are some proven ways to increase  the value of your company to maximize your return on investment.



Business owner planning prior to and after your sale is critical to maximizing your after-tax return.  We’ve seen millions of dollars lost to unnecessary taxes because the owner didn’t have the proper strategies in place before, during and after the sale.  Take control of the process instead of it taking control of you and your family.  


Most business owners receive less than three offers when it comes time to sell and the majority only have a single buyer at one time who is interested.  This puts control in the buyer’s hands and you at a disadvantage.  We’ve seen countless cases of buyers nickel and diming owners during late stages of negotiations.  Why not flip the script to your advantage with buyers bidding up and against each other for your company.

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