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Interactive Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor and Fee-Only financial planning firm serving Portland, Oregon and its surrounding neighborhoods.  We specialize in providing objective advice and portfolio management to help our clients build, manage, grow, and protect their wealth through all of life’s transitions.

Our clients are busy professionals and executives who work in demanding industries like semiconductors, medicine and information technology.  Their days are consumed with running businesses, managing staff and serving clients.  In their spare time, they enjoy traveling with friends and family, embracing the great outdoors, working on fun projects and celebrating life’s moments.

We pride ourselves on the tangible results we produce for our clients.  For example, we have helped one client retire at 45, another create a charitable legacy, a couple build their dream home and a widow send her kids to the college of their dreams.

Our clients are all different and unique, but they have one thing in common—their lives have gotten too complex and they need a reliable partner to help them manage their wealth.  That’s why they choose to work with us. They know our fee-only business model will not only save them time and money, but more importantly, give them greater peace of mind.

Their lives will get organized, simplified and their vision will become a reality sooner.  They’ll have a trusted partner to filter out the noise and help them solve the complex problems they’re facing, from investment management and insurance to retirement planning and taxes.

Financial decisions can get complex when there are a lot of factors influencing them.  Is this a good investment?  What are the tax implications if I move forward?  What am I missing here?  Are they just trying to sell me something?  Our decisions have the power to change our lives for the better and for the worse.  That’s why our clients know it’s important to have someone who’s been there and helped others like them successfully navigate complex issues.

As your partner, we want you to be able to relax and enjoy your free time, while we do the heavy lifting.  But first, we need to know about you and your current reality.  What’s important to you and what are the challenges you’re facing?  We’ll help you create a vision of your ideal future and then lay out the steps on how we’ll get you there.

However, no journey is without obstacles.  We’ll be there to help you overcome these obstacles and adjust as needed.  No plan is full-proof or set in stone.  It changes with market trends, new laws and the speed bumps in life.  Even if you are a savvy investor, you can always benefit from objective, professional advice.  There are the unknown unknowns that an experienced second opinion may be able to uncover for you.

Our company was founded on Independence, Excellence, and Integrity.  We are one of the few companies in Portland to take a fiduciary oath to put our clients’ interest above everything else.

So, what exactly can we do for you?

If you are considering investing, we’ll show you how to optimize your investments to maximize performance while minimizing risk.  For example, if you’re an accredited investor we can show you how adding venture capital, private equity and more sophisticated strategies significantly reduces your risk versus more traditional strategies.

If you are approaching retirement, we’ll create a plan that will continue to grow and preserve your wealth as you start to take distributions.  If your life took an unexpected turn (got transferred to a new city for work, got married or divorced, had a baby, or lost your job), we’ve got your back.  You can evaluate your new situation with the help of professionals before deciding how to move forward.

Do you belong to one of the mentioned groups?  Or do you maybe just need someone to handle your money because you don’t want to (or don’t know how to) do it on your own?  You’ve come to the right place.

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Interactive Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisory firm in the State of Oregon.  Prior to any advisory work conducted outside Oregon, Interactive Wealth Advisors would become registered in that jurisdiction, or qualify for an exemption or exclusion to the registration.